Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Oyaide New Items and New Shipment has Arrived!

Hi Friends,

Oyaide New Shipment has arrived. Please check out the list below (too many of them to illustrated in detail. Sorry)
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Vibration Control:-
1) INS-CF  - Carbon with Texarium Vibration Insulator
2) INS-BS - Mulit Use Base Insulator
3) INS-SP - Spike Base

Power Accessories:- 

1) MTB-4 R1 Power Distributor
2) MTB-6 R1 Power Distributor
3) Tunami GPX-R Power Cord
4) Tunami Tunami Power Cable (Loose form) - Finally is here..Awaiting by many customers!

Analog Cables:-
1) TUNAMI TERZO XX - XLR Interconnect Cables
2) TUNAMI TERZO RR - RCA Interconnect Cables

Digital Accessories:-
1) DR-510 0.7m/1.3m 5N Silver Digital Interconnect (RCA-RCA)
2) DB-510 0.7m/1.3m 5N Silver Digital Interconnect (BNC-BNC)

1) HD-PSW 1.3a High Speed HDMI Silver Cable (1.8m and 3m)
2) DV-510F 5N Silver TV Antenna Cable

Headphones/Earphones Accessories:-
1) HPC-35R 3.5mm Plug to RCA connector Cable (1.3m)
2) HPC-35 3.5mm Plug to 3.5mm Plug Cable (1.3m)
3) HPC-LS 3.5mm Plug to L-Shape 3.5mm (0.15m)
4) P-3.5SR 3.5mm Plug

1) FPS-9 - Ftype TV antenna connectors
2) Genesis - Platinum + Rhodium plated connector RCA connectors (NEW!)

Cables for Modification and DIY:-
1) 1430-22 #22AWG PCOCC-A Internal Cable
2) FTVS-510 5N Silver Coaxial Cables
3) Tunami Power Cable

Cheers !

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