Wednesday, October 27, 2010

TRIGON Full System !

The owner only believe in pre and mono power amplifer. He been searching for a while...
Eventually, he has found his love..TRIGON TRV-100 Preamp, TRE-50 Mono-amp and pair with TRIGON Recall II CDP.

TRIGON TRV-100 Preamp fresh out of the box!

TRIGON TRE-50 Mono Blocks. Fresh out of the Box!

Nice and clean layout of TRE-50's connection. 
Can be configure for Bi-amping too.

This amplifier is Powerful and yet Musical.

TRIGON Recall II CDP on top and 
TRV-100 Preamp on bottom

The owner feel proud of this !

Zonotone 6NPS-5.5 Grandio Power Cord and  
7NAC-Grandio 07 Interconnect on TRIGON Recall II CDP

TELOS Gold Ref Power Cord on TRV-100 Preamp


1 comment:

Björn Hestner said...

Nice looking system, does it sounds as good as it looks?