Friday, July 15, 2011

TRIGON TRV-100 and TRE-50M (Chrome Version) is here !

Hi Friends,

TRIGON TRV-100 Pre-Amp and TRE-50M Monoblocks Amplifier in Chrome (latest 2011 version) finishing has installed in Audio Basic.

They are very lovely sounding with very good control, Speed and Dynamic ranges. Please feel free to drop by and have a good listen to this lovely gems.

TRIGON TRV-100 and TRE-50M in latest 
Chrome finishing

TRIGON TRV-100 full-balanced Pre-Amp in latest Chrome finishing

Close-up view of the lovely TRV-100

TRIGON TRE-50M Full-Balanced Monoblocks amplifier (135W)

Close-up of the Cool looking TRE-50M

TRE-50M Monoblocks can make your speaker sound 
even bigger and without losing control


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