Thursday, January 19, 2012

Best Sound of the Show - CES 2012

Hi Friends,

Steven Stone from The Absolute Sound claimed Calyx room (Digital and Analog) is the Best Sound of the Show (for the lowest price) !

He wrote:-
Best Sound (for the lowest price)
I’ve heard the Magnepan 1.7 speakers numerous times at shows, but I’ve never heard them sound as good as in Digital and Analog Co LTD’s room. Starting with a Dell computer running J-River playback software connected via USB to a prototype Calyx Femto DAC/preamp driving a pair of Calyx 500 monoblock amps, my 192 files were served up with all the finesse and brio of a far more expensive system. Cables were from Zen-Sati, and the whole shebang came in under $12,000.

Link to the Steven Stone's report on CES 2012


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