Thursday, July 5, 2012

KingRex UD-384 USB DAC/ U Power has arrived

Dear Friends,

KingRex UD-384 USB DAC 32/384 and U Power - Battery power supply has arrived and for audition. This combo is very suitable for desktop application or user who don't like full size equipment. KingRex did not compromise on the performance/specifications even with this small footprint.

UD-384 Simple ratio acceptance: 16bits, 24bits,32bits 44.1Khz, 48Khz, 88.2Khz, 96Khz, 176.4Khz, 192Khz, and 384Kkz
Input : USB*1 (B type Female connector)
Digital output: SPDIF *1 (16bits, 24bits; 44.1~192Khz)
Power input: 7.5V less than 2watt(compatible with PSU MKII 7.5V & U power )
Analog Output : RCA *2 (R & L) Digital Output: S/PDIF *1

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