Wednesday, April 24, 2013

TRIGON Reference line EPILOG has arrived !

Dear Friends,

TRIGON from Germany latest Reference line, EPILOG Integrated Amplifier has arrived @ Audio Basic.

EPILOG delivered 200Wpc@8 ohms and its a Dual Mono amplification design started from with two transformers in the power supply stage. EPILOG is not cost down design as what others do, they put the latest modular pre-amp stage (as found in their reference line pre-amp DIALOG) in this EPILOG.

Nevertheless, not to forgot the 100% Germany fine craftsmanship found on this amlipfier, even on hidden corners and underneath !

The EPILOG's performance out of the box is awesome ! Power with Musicality . Many of our customers was amazed with the performance so much ! Please feel free to drop by for an audition.


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