Tuesday, March 17, 2015

SFC SK-FILTER LP anti-static

SK-FILTER is a remarkable product, set up to the side of the record player to discharge and remove static electricity from the record into the air while playing music.

SK-FILTER uses the patented material “Thunderon®” which has the ability to discharge static electricity into the air when static charged material approaches. To develop the new material for SK-FILTER the “Thunderon®”material was made into a thread-like material then knitted as not come apart.   

SK-Filter doesn't required physically brush the record surface. It performs with the SK-FILTER s few millimeters away from the record surface. It is also designed to match with a range of analog players with its height and distance from the platter adjustment.

It liberates the record from static electricity so the noise floor is dramatically reduced. Enjoy the sound with incredible resolution. If you are having problems with static then the SK-FILTER continuously removes the static for you.

Thunderon is a Patented organic conductivity fibre. Made in Japan.

Promotion @ $380

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