Monday, November 28, 2011

Positive feedback from customers using the Calyx Coffee

Wish to share some very nice feedbacks from customers who have bought the Calyc Coffee..

"it's awesome! totally love how this small thing could change my AKG K701s from something that's already great sounding to something even better! Adds more depth and warmth while retaining that highly detailed sound. It's a must try for all, especially at such a good bargain :)"

"Loving it! Clean, smooth, refine & great imaging."

"Works very well with the Beyer T1 and my MacBook Air/Pure Music combo. Was expecting it to be good since I also have the Calyx DAC 24/192, but I was still very pleasantly surprised by how good it actually is. It may turn out to be the rig I use most regularly as it is portable and being USB-powered, there are no messy power cables or having to worry about recharging the batteries.
Not forgetting that its 24/96 and asynchronous. I was planning to listen to a couple of songs I bought from HDtracks but I ended listening for a few hours. It was really enjoyable, no listening fatigue and the coffee has not even been run-in yet."


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