Tuesday, November 22, 2011

TRIGON TRV-100/TRE-50M , USHER Mini 1 Diamond and TELOS Cables Setup.

Dear Friends,

Last saturday, had done a setup of TRIGON TRV-100 pre-amp , TRE-50 Mono block amp driving a pair of USHER Mini1 Diamond and using TELOS in a lovely customer's place. He claimed that even everything is new but the sound is Wonderful !

Front view of the setup in the living hall

The TRIGON pre and monoblocks amplifier

TRIGON TRV-100 pre-amp on the botton shelve

TELOS Gold Ref speaker cable, Black Ref interconnect 
installed on TRIGON TRE-50 monoblocks

Back view of the USHER Mini1 Diamond (Sexy?)

TELOS Gold Ref speaker cables, jumper 
and Platinum speaker caps installed

Side View of the setup


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