Saturday, January 30, 2010

Oyaide SPSL Spade connector is here

Hi Friends,

Long waited and requested from many audiophiles, Oyaide finally delivered Platinum SPSL Spade connector for screw termination. Now, we have two choices...

The Banana version

The Spade version

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

CSE RK-100 Re-stock

After long wait. CSE Japan RK-100 has finally back in action @ Audio Basic demo and limited re-stock.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Phiaton Earphones and Headphones

Phiaton Earphones and Headphones has arrived. Please feel free to drop by and listen to them with our ranges of headphone amplifier from Musica, AudioTrak, Perreaux.

PS500 , MS400, PS320

PS 200 IEM
Hi Friends,

Musica and Phiation products have arrived @ AudioBasic

Music 40series included :
1) HPA40 headphone amplifer
2) USB40 USBDAC with tube output stage
3) CDB40 Tube Buffer output stage
4) INT40 25Wpc Int Amplifer

HPA40 Headphone Amp

HPA40 and CDB40 with Usher CD7 CD Player

USB40's tube windows

The Musica 40 series

Telos Black Reference Cables has launched !

For celebrating Telos Audio 3rd Anniversary, they has launched the new series, Black Reference power cord and speaker cables, they are at much affordable price ranges with no compromise performance!

Received news from Jeff, the designer of Telos Audio, the Black Reference interconnect (both RCA and XLR) will be coming soon. Stay till..

Limited Edition of Black Cap will be free with every Black Reference cables purchased. While stock last!

Black Reference Speaker Cables

Black Reference Power Cord