Friday, February 26, 2010

Burson Product has arrived !

Hi Friends,

Burson products HA-160 Headphone Amp and AB160 Audio Buffer has finally arrived. Please feel free to drop by and listen to them. This products used very fine and audiophile grade components and fine workmanship @ very affordable price.

AB160 Audio Buffer is greatly design to resolve impedance mismatching between our sources components e.g.(CD, DVD, SACD player, Phono preamp, PC sound card or even an IPod) and amplification. Come and listen how a direct iPod would sound with any DAC. :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Amazing" Oyaide INS-CF Hybrid Insulator

New product from Oyaide, the INS-CF High Resolution Hybrid Insulator.

It made of with one of the side is Texarium, another is Carbon. With this two material combine, it provide a "amazing" excellent vibration absorbing effect. With the equipment surface touches the carbon side gives feeling of more speed as on the other hand, Texarium side gives more open and glossy sounding.

Please feel to come to Audio Basic to experience..

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Burson Products coming next week!

Hi Friends,

Burson products estimated to be reaching us next week. This shipment included HA-160 Headphone Amp and AB160 Audio Buffer.

HA-160 Headphone Amplifier Details
AB-160 Audio Buffer Details

Burson products used very fine and audiophile grade components and fine workmanship @ very affordable price.

More pictures of HA-160 in 6moons review
HA-160 Headphone amplifier was reviewed in 6moons and received very positive feedbacks

Latest Perreaux eloquence 150i Review

Hi Friends,

Happy Lunar New Year! wish to share the Latest review of Perreaux eloquence 150i from

Quotes from the review:
"...The 150i exudes class, does so many things right, has world class build quality, and more than enough power for any real world listening situation. The channel separation was superb, among the best I have heard."

Above Review @

If you are looking for review on Perreaux 250i:

Thank you..

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Lunar New Year !

Dear Friends,

We are closed for celebrating Lunar New Year from 13/2 (Sat) to 16/2 (Tues) and business operation is resume
on 17/2 (Wed).

Happy Lunar New Year ! Huat ah!

Wish everyone here a Happy Holiday