Thursday, December 4, 2014

Townshen Maximum Super tweeters

Dear Friends,

 Townshen Maximum Super Tweeter is on demo @ Audio Basic.

This Supertweeter had received many positive reviews.

 “Obviously, given the frequency response of these components, I expected any alteration to the sound to be focussed on the midrange and the treble, but was pleasantly surprised to find that this change included an opening up of the bass sound as well, adding layers of texture to its tonal qualities, also surprised me was the fact that high-frequency sound,such as record surface noise, instead of being enhanced, was actually reduced in perceived presence and became less intrusive” from Hi-Fi WORLD – January 2014 Issue

Super tweeters are invaluable if you listen to SACDs and DVD-A discs since these discs contain the extended frequencies the supertweeters are designed to reproduce (as are high quality vinyl LPs). But also – as we heard – they’re invaluable for regular CDs and other digital formats too, allowing a sound that’s fuller, more natural, more detailed and more rhythmic.

 Introductory Price - S$1,500