Monday, June 6, 2011

TELOS AUDIO - TD-04R Power Distributor and 2D Diffusor installation

Dear Friends,

After the installation of the TELOS AUDIO's 2D Diffusor panels , the owner so surprised on the result was so great ! The background was even more quiet, deeper soundstage and better separation. The bass goes deeper and tighter.

TELOS 2D Disffusor panels behind the JM Lab

 TELOS AUDIO TD-04R Power Distributor with 
Platinum, Gold and Black Ref power cords

Mounted above the wall power outlet


TAOC Equipment Rack and Platform

Dear Friends,

This Usher Mini 1 Diamond owner has installed a TAOC ASR-3S equipment rack into his system. He was very happy with the result which the noise floor is much lower and surface more air and details. Separation and layering is much better.

 TAOC ASR-3S installed !

 TAOC ASR-3S with two pieces of SUB-50G platform
TITE-35S footer under the CD player and TITE-25MF footer under the amplifier

Mini 1 Diamond sat on PTS-A spike bases and SCB-RS35G platforms

 Mini 1 Diamond Speakers able to perform without any problem in a big living hall