Saturday, December 28, 2013

We will be closed from 30/12 (Monday) to 2/1 (Thursday)

Dear Friends,

We will be closed from 30/12 (Monday) to 2/1 (Thursday).

Business operation will resume on 3/1 Friday.

 Happy New Year 2014 !


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas !

Wishing all friends a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday ! Have fun and enjoy !

Cheers !

Friday, December 13, 2013

Telos Audio QBT Cable Harmoniser Run-in Machine is here !

Dear Friends,

The Telos Audio QBT Cable Harmoniser Run-in Machine is here @ Audio Basic !

This machine IS NOT just only a run-in device.

Currently, we are offering this QBT Cable Harmonising Run-in service for a 18 Hrs @$50 per cable or pair for interconnect and speaker cable (Offer period).

This process able to bring out the true potential of any brands cables on the market whether is old or new in box. This machine can run-in for RCA and XLR interconnects, BNC cables, USB cables, Speakers Cables and Power cords.

Abstract some write out from Telos Audio website :-
The core of the machine consists of a crystal oscillator feeding a 70-watt amplifier module, the module drives a load before entering the in-house developed control system. From the logic of the control system, current required for each cable will be adjusted on the fly. 

We feel strongly that our customers should not endure the difficult time of running in the cables, they should be able to start enjoying music the moment they get our cables. Hence, we have always been talking to our engineers in hope of making a new model that could match the bandwidth of SACD frequency extensions. Let us try to explain our technology in a more illustrious manner. The process is analogous to loading software for computer. By running in the cables using different frequencies, we are able to maximize the frequency response, improve the performance and minimize the shortcomings of the cables. 

 In the latest design , with materials of even higher quality, we were able to further stretch the bandwidth of the machine. We increased the size of the transformer in order to increase the stability of the electrical current. In addition to that, we have also added a brand new power cleansing technology into it. And this technology, Quantum Burning Technology, is also how the new cable run-in machine got its name. 

We then finalized the specifications at 70 watt of amplification. The amplification module has a dynamic range of 24 volt, a frequency response of 0 Hz to 50 KHz and topped up with the new power cleansing technology. Let us explain to you the new technology. The technology is based on the principle of power synchronous resonance. By applying a similar but reverse polarity frequency against noise, the noise will be cancelled out. This technology works analogically similar to the principle of noise cancelling earphones. Our QBT module produces eight discrete frequencies, namely 120 Hz, 60 Hz, 30 Hz, 15 Hz, 7.5 Hz, 3.75 Hz, 1.875 Hz and 0.9375 Hz. 

 Resistors and inductors are used as load. There is also benefit using inductors as load. A 200 mg of magnetic field will be generated, thus, acting as a shield to the circuit. By using the QBT module, it does not only cancel out noise, but also repel external electromagnetic interference. Drilling deeper, we will explore further into the specifications for the different channels. There are five channels in our QBT Cable Run-in Machine, they are for speaker cables, power cords, digital cables, RCA cables and XLR balanced cables.

The first two channels, for speaker cables and power cords, the run-in signal is rated at 70 watt, 24 volt and a frequency response of 0 Hz to 50 KHz, The latter three channels, for digital cables, RCA cables and XLR cables, use only a mere 5 watt as the cables are far smaller in diameter. However, the signal remains at 24 volt and the bandwidth remains at 0 Hz to 50 KHz respectively. 

 From our previous experience, if overly high current is used to run in interconnects, over run-in could happen and bring adverse effects to the sound.about how much higher the run-in signal is as compared to that of normal listening session. The signal between the source and preamplifier, depending on source type, carries a voltage of 2 volt to 3 volt. If the input impedance is about 10 KW (some as high as 1 MW), then the load power is calculated at less than 1 mW. We use 5 watt for our run-in signal, which is 5000 times more than the source signal. Added by a full frequency sweep every 1.7 seconds, the cable is undergoing way higher utilization rate than when used to listen to music at moderate volume. 

 For signal between the preamplifier and power amplifier, it could reach as high as 10 volt. If the input impedance of the power amplifier is 4.7 KW, the power calculated would be at about 20 mW. In that case, QBT is 250 times stronger than normal signal strength. When listening to music normally, the signal would be varying at tens to hundreds of millivolt. Hence, the actual power ratings are essentially so much lesser than1 mW and 20 mW respectively . 

 Voltage is normally within 220 volt to 240 volt for power cords. Even though the electricity is fixed at 50 Hz, we are using 0 Hz to 50 KHz to run in the power cords. As for speaker cables, on average, we seldom go beyond 10 watt when listening at moderate volume. Big current flow only happens when there is a huge dynamic swing, but we are sure people would not keep on listening at such high volume. Furthermore, most music would not even fully cover the frequency spectrum. But we still use 70 watt of continuous full frequency sweep to run in the speaker cables, making the signal strength tens of times higher than.

Currently, we are offering this QBT Cable Harmonising Run-in service for 18 Hrs @$50 (Offer period). This process able to bring out the true potential of any brands cables on the market whether is old or new in box.

Please feel free to drop by.


Saturday, November 2, 2013

Happy Deepavali

Dear Friends,

Wish our Hindu friends a Happy Deepavali and have a wonderful holiday for all !

Friday, November 1, 2013

Aurelia XO Cerica - Recommended Reference Componet by Soundstage !

Dear Friends,

Aurelia XO Cerica is being selected as Recommended Reference Componet by Soundstage !

Quoted form the review:- "..The Aurelia XO Cerica’s across-the-board neutrality, high resolution, superb transparency, effortlessness at all volume levels from low to high, and ability to cast an expansive soundstage with extraordinary image specificity, combine to make it a loudspeaker of exceptional accuracy and precision. They more than justify the speaker’s price, and earn it a place in our list of Recommended Reference Components. As Doug said toward the end of his review, “It demands to be heard.”"


Calyx Femti in monoblock bridge mode - 500Wpc !

Dear Friends,

We have hookup a pair of Calyx Femti in mono block bridge mode - 500Wpc !

Please feel free do drop by for audition and ask for our promotion price !


Monday, October 7, 2013

Positive Feedback reviewed on B.M.C CS2 Integrated Ampliifer

Dear Friends,

Positive Feedback reviewed on B.M.C CS2 Integrated Amplifier.

Quoted from the review "..The B.M.C. CS2 is a superb performer and provides extremely high value.."


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Overachievers on the Edge of the State of the Art: Aurelia XO Cerica loudspeakers

Dear Friends,

Soundstage has commented Aurelia XO Cerica loudspeakers as one of the "overachievers on the Edge of the State of the Art".

He has said "..XO Cerica sounded very neutral, exceedingly clean, highly transparent, and with a sound whose fullness belied the speaker’s size -- I’d heard similar things from Amphion speakers. What I didn’t expect was the Cericas’ soundstaging and imaging -- a stage as wide and deep as that of the best speakers I’ve heard, but with more specificity, tangibility, and dimensionality of images than I’ve experienced with any speakers at any price.."


Monday, September 16, 2013

Latest reviewed on Calyx Femto from Audiostream

Dear Friends,

Latest reviewed on Calyx Femto from Audiostream.

Quoted form the review..
"..The Femto did a wonderful job playing whatever genre of music presented to it. From Nine Inch Nails to Joni Mitchel to Wayne Shorter, the Femto handled everything with exceptional musicality. Detail, transient reproduction, macro and micro dynamics, focus and ultimate resolution were in a first class category. I just could not find fault with the Femto."

Link :

Friday, September 13, 2013

Telos Audio, latest QBT-08 Fuse

Hi Friends,

Telos Audio, latest QBT-08 Fuse has arrived ! It gives very awesome improvement !

Introduction Offer : $40


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fiio X3 and E6 new shipment has arrived !

Dear Friends,

Fiio X3 and E6 new shipment has arrived !

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Oyaide Tunami Power Cord - National Day Offer

Dear Friends,

We are extending our National Day celebration and we are offering :-

1) Oyaide Tunami Power Cord - $90/m

2) Oyaide Tunami GPX Power Cord 1.8m - $390

3) Oyaide Tunami GPX-R Power Cord 1.8m - $480


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New Shipment of Franc Audio Classic Ceramic Disc Footer has arrived !

Dear Friends,

The new shipment of Franc Audio Accessories , Classic Disc Footer has finally arrived ! Made in Poland !

Please feel free to drop by for audition.


Fiio latest X3 Portable Music Player is here !

Dear Friends,

The latest Fiio X3 Portable Music Player is here ! Special price @ S$249 and selling fast !

Awesome performance with superior sounding !

Playing back Daft Punk High-res 24/88.2 ablum on Fiio X3


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Dear Friends,

Wishing all our Muslim friends Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

May all have a wonderful holiday !


Monday, July 15, 2013

TRIGON Reference Line- Dialog Pre-Amp installed !

Dear Friends,

One of our customer has upgraded his Pass Lab Pre-Amp to our TRIGON Reference Line - Dialog Pre-amp from Germany. He is so happy the sound from Dialog and surprised how good it was from just out of the box. He said it was a excellent upgrade and everything sound so much better.

 The owner using Pass-Lab Preamp before the upgrade

 Calyx Femto DAC and Telos Alpha Wave Generator 
is spotted beside the Dailog

TRIGON Audio Ref Line - Dialog Pre-Amp 

External Power Supply for the Dialog 

 The view of whole Setup


Friday, June 28, 2013

TRIGON Epilog Amplifier from Germany (Silver)

Dear friends,

The newest launches from TRIGON Germany, Epilog Reference Line Amplifier received very positive response from out customers even though it just reached us a couple of weeks ago.

Here is another happy customer just installed with the new TRIGON Epilog amplifier in Silver. He is very happy and excited with its sound as well as its look ! Here is a few pictures to share on his lovely setup.

Lovely Setup


TRIGON Epilog Amplifier, Made in Gemany 

Calyx 24/192 in Black

Telos Audio Alpha Wave Generator and 2D Diffusor

Telos Audio Branda Ref P/C , Oyaide Tunami P/C 

Telos Audio Branda Ref and Gold Ref MKII cables 

Telos Audio Gold Ref MKII Speaker Cables 

Telos Audio Branda Ref XLR interconnect


TRIGON Epilog Amplifier - Happy Customer !

Dear Friends,

Wish to share some picture on a customer just got our new TRIGON Epilog reference line amplifier for his setup. He is very happy with the new Epilog.

Handsome setup

TRIGON Epilog Ref Line Amplifier , Made in Germany

Calyx 24/192 feeding into the Epilog 

 Calyx 24/192 DAC

Telos Audio Gold Ref MkII Cables 

Telos Gold Ref MkII Speaker Cables

Cheers !

Friday, June 7, 2013

6moons reviewed on Franc Audio Ceramic Disc Classic Footers

Dear Friends,

6moons reviewed on Franc Audio Ceramic Disc Classic Footers.

"...the clever way of constructing this multi-tiered multi-stage vibration control device is highly effective. Besides isolating the device from its support surface, the footer also neutralizes casing vibrations without altering the sound’s core tonality. Lower noise not changed timbres could be the product's slogan..."

Linked :

Franc Audio from Poland !

Dear Friends,

Franc Audio from Poland, their Ceramic Disc Classic Footers has arrived @ Audio Basic.

Simply Beautiful ! Both the sound and look ! Handcrafted in Poland.