Friday, June 28, 2013

TRIGON Epilog Amplifier from Germany (Silver)

Dear friends,

The newest launches from TRIGON Germany, Epilog Reference Line Amplifier received very positive response from out customers even though it just reached us a couple of weeks ago.

Here is another happy customer just installed with the new TRIGON Epilog amplifier in Silver. He is very happy and excited with its sound as well as its look ! Here is a few pictures to share on his lovely setup.

Lovely Setup


TRIGON Epilog Amplifier, Made in Gemany 

Calyx 24/192 in Black

Telos Audio Alpha Wave Generator and 2D Diffusor

Telos Audio Branda Ref P/C , Oyaide Tunami P/C 

Telos Audio Branda Ref and Gold Ref MKII cables 

Telos Audio Gold Ref MKII Speaker Cables 

Telos Audio Branda Ref XLR interconnect


TRIGON Epilog Amplifier - Happy Customer !

Dear Friends,

Wish to share some picture on a customer just got our new TRIGON Epilog reference line amplifier for his setup. He is very happy with the new Epilog.

Handsome setup

TRIGON Epilog Ref Line Amplifier , Made in Germany

Calyx 24/192 feeding into the Epilog 

 Calyx 24/192 DAC

Telos Audio Gold Ref MkII Cables 

Telos Gold Ref MkII Speaker Cables

Cheers !

Friday, June 7, 2013

6moons reviewed on Franc Audio Ceramic Disc Classic Footers

Dear Friends,

6moons reviewed on Franc Audio Ceramic Disc Classic Footers.

"...the clever way of constructing this multi-tiered multi-stage vibration control device is highly effective. Besides isolating the device from its support surface, the footer also neutralizes casing vibrations without altering the sound’s core tonality. Lower noise not changed timbres could be the product's slogan..."

Linked :

Franc Audio from Poland !

Dear Friends,

Franc Audio from Poland, their Ceramic Disc Classic Footers has arrived @ Audio Basic.

Simply Beautiful ! Both the sound and look ! Handcrafted in Poland.