Thursday, June 11, 2015

Latest Telos Audio Grounding Noise Reducer and Jeff will be here on 13/6.

Dear Friends,

Mr Jeff, designer and director from Telos Audio Design will be at Audio Basic this coming Saturday (13/6) 1pm onwards.

He will showcase us the first complete unit of Grounding Noise Reducer. This product's internal CPU will actively monitor and adjust the grounding potential difference of your equipments being connected to it. They have already showcase the prototype of Grounding Noise Reducer in both CES 2015 and Munich HighEnd in Germany and was received a lot awareness from the industry.

We are have product introduction and demonstration. Please make yourself available on this Saturday to hear by yourself how this Grounding Noise Reducer could improve the system sounding.

Telos Audio's Quantum Noise Resonator and just launched Mini-Q already has been used by many customers and received many positive feedbacks. We believe this Grounding Noise Reducer will be another hot selling products.