Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New ! USB Cable from Telos Audio Design.

HI Friends,

Telos Audio Design USB Cable finally has reached us. They came in 1.2m and 1.5m length. 

Now, they are in new packaging and with Telos offical's warranty card for high Telos quality assurance. Nice !

Telos USB Cable 

Telos Offical's Warranty Card

Cheers !

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hi Friends,

Listening to Exotic Dances from Reference Recording, HRx 24/176.4 files through the just arrived Calyx DAC 24/192 with Perraux eloquence 250i driving Usher Mini1 Diamond speakers...
It's Live Dynamic Sounding performance !


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Deepavali to all !

Hi Friends,

Wish our Tamil friends a Happy Deepavali and Happy Holiday to all !

Our business operation is as usual for tomorrow 5/11/2010. Cheers !

Calyx has finally arrived !

Hi Friends,

Calyx DAC 24/192 and KONG has finally reach us. Once you open the packaging, you could feel they are great product with wonderful workmanship ....Should I said they are "Built with pride"!!

Please feel free to drop by and listen !

Calyx DAC 24/192

Calyx KONG USB Headphone Amp

Cheers !

KingRex T20U/ John Blue JB 3/ Zonotone USB Cable - Bundle Sales

Hi Friends,

We offering a Bundle Sales consist of :-

KingRex T20U Int Amp with USB DAC

John Blue JB 3 Speaker

Zonotone 6N-USB-Grandio 2.0 USB Cable 1.2m

For all above items @ bundle sales for only $1050

Promotion - KingRex HeadQuarters Headphone Amp

Hi Friends,

We are offering promotion price on KingRex HeadQuarters Headphone Amp @ $1200 only.

Please feel free to audit with your headphones !

KingRex HeadQuaters 

Cheers !

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New Products - Calyx Coming Soon !

Dear Friends,

New products coming soon ! We are bringing in a new brand - Calyx from Korea.

Their latest product on the block is this Calyx DAC 24/192. It's has the following features:
- Full speed of USB 2.0- 24/192 capable via USB
- Asynchronous USB Mode
- Two different word clock generators for 44.1/88.2/176.4kHz family and 48/96/192 kHz family, each with very low jitter
- 8 DACs/channel used and 32bit/400KHz capable
- Clean Power Generator Inside
- Can be operated USB power only
- One Extra Coaxial Input (Coaxial)
- State-Of-The-Art Aluminum Mono-Coque Design
- Two sets of analog output: 1 RCAs, 1 XLRs
- Extremely low THD and SNR: 0.0005% and 120dB, measured by Audio Precision
- Dimension: 220(w) x 220(d) X 45(h)mm, 4.4kg(9lbs)

Calyx DAC 24/192 

Another interesting product from Calyx is this below KONG USB DAC Headphone Amp.

KONG USB DAC Headphone Amp

Stay tuned for the actual arrival of this exciting products !