Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

Wish all my friends a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ! Have a lots of fun and many wonderful returns ! 

We are closed on Christmas Day and business resume on 26/12. Cheers !

Friday, December 21, 2012

Another awesome review on Calyx Femto DAC !

Dear friends,

Here comes another awesome review on Calyx Femto DAC from Magazine-HiFi.

Some quotes from the review :-

"I admit to hesitating for a short while before finally admitting that this is the best DAC we have had in our hands so far."

"To get back to music and the Femto, and thinking only of the brass and the piano, I’ve never had the chance to hear anything like such rightness of timbre and associated dynamics on my sound system. "

"The only thing you really have to know about this converter is that it respects musical sound, or at least that it delivers the goods without artifice, without artifacts… the music, just the music. Whether it’s from my laptop or from the CD player, the DAC’s musicality came through, and at the same time I rediscovered P.R.A.T (Pace, Rhythm and Timing): I was tapping my foot to my favorite tunes."

"The Calyx Femto DAC has to be heard in your system at least once. You’ll never hear its sounds the same way and it will open the door to the possibilities of tomorrow. The digital medium has never been closer to convincing me it’s mature."

Link to this review :-

Picture taken from

Friday, December 7, 2012

Some picture during ISSE' 2012

Hi Friends,

Wish to share some picture during our local International Sound and Sight Exhibition 2012.

System with Aurelia Cerica

 Calyx Femto DAC,  Trigon Pre/Power Amp,  Brodmann VC-1

Calyx Femto DAC

Trigon Chron0log Music Server

Trigon TRV-1oo Pre-Amp

Trigon TRE-50M Monoblock Amplifier

Cables, Power Distributor from Telos Audio, Oyaide, Madison Labs

Telos Audio Alpha Wave Generator behind the Femto

 Telos Audio Alpha Wave Generator (Coming in soon)

Calyx CTI Amplifer with USB , Calyx 24/192 DAC, Calyx Coffee


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dear Friends,

We are close from 2/11 Fri to 5/11 Mon for "International Sight & Sound Exhibition 2012" at Parkroyal on Kitchener Road, Room 711.

See you guys there !

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Calyx CTI USB Integrated Amp new shipment has arrived

Hi Friends,

After some waiting, the new shipment of Calyx CTI USB Integrated Amp has finally arrived. Both the Silver and Black are in stock. This CTI has a USB DAC 24/96 built-in ! Presently, we are giving introduction offer @ [color=Red]$2600[/color] !

Specification:- Power 2CH X 200W
Rated Impedance 4Ohms
In/Out 3 RCAs, 1 USB(24/96) / 1 RCAs
THD+N Ratio 0.008 [%] @ 1kHz, 4Ù
SNR -100 [dB] @ 1kHz, 200W
Crosstalk -101 [dB] @ 1kHz, 200W
Damping Factor >1000
Bandwidth Limit 60 [kHz] @ -3dB
Volume Control - ~ +18 [dB], 0.5dB Step
Remote Control Included

Website :]

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Calyx got Best Sound of Show of TAVES

Dear Friends,

Calyx got Best Sound of Show of TAVES (Toronto AV Entertainment Show)

 "..The brilliant DAC was sorting out files from a MAC Mini most splendidly. I loved this sound. Refined and so immediate. The connection to this listener was very emotional and consistent each time I heard it..."

Link :-


Monday, October 1, 2012

Stereomojo reviewed KingRex UD 384 DAC

Dear Friends,

Stereomojo reviewed on Kingrex UD 384 DAC !

 " ..As an overall package, I can heartily recommend the Kingrex UD 384/UPower combo, especially at the combined asking price of $668 USD.."

Link to the review :-


Saturday, September 22, 2012

6moons awarded Blue Moon Award to Calyx Femto DAC !

Dear Friends,

Another great news ! has awarded Blue Moon Award to Calyx Femto DAC !

The reviewer , Paul Candy commented that it as " Statement DAC with the perfect balance between details and muiscality "

The link to the review :-

Please feel free to drop by for audition. Cheers.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Calyx Femto DAC has awarded Reviewers' Choice from Soundstage

Dear Friends.

Calyx Femto DAC has awarded Reviewers' Choice from Soundstage !

Some strong words from the reviewer, Doug Schneider :-

"... In fact, every piece of music I played through the Femto sounded better than it ever had before -- which is why I have to say that this is the best-sounding (and best-looking) DAC I’ve ever heard. "

Link to this review


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Highlight : Calyx 24/192 DAC reviewed by

Dear Friends,

Calyx 24/192 DAC is keep on receiving reviews!

Here is another wonderful review on Calyx 24/192 DAC by

Quoted from the review :-

".. Calyx’s DAC 24/192 is a beautifully built, elegantly styled digital-to-analog converter that sounded exceedingly neutral and utterly clean in my system. It’s also capable of very high resolution that’s just shy of the very best -- I wouldn’t hesitate to partner it with some of the finest equipment out there, regardless of price..."

Link :


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Oyaide New Product !

Dear Friends,

Oyaide latest products :- Anti-vibration and Adhesive sheet for portable audio players and amps.

And We have restocked many Oyaide products.


TAOC products restock !

Dear Friends,

After some delay on the shipment , TAOC hot selling products has restocked !

1) ASR-3S - 3-Tier Equipment Rack
2) ASR-4S - 4 Tier Equipment Rack
3) SUB-50G Platform
4) SCB-RS35G Platform
5) SCB-RS50G Platform
6) PTS-A Spike Bases
7) PTS-G Spike Bases
8) PTS-N Spike Bases


Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Very Happy man on his latest upgrade !

Dear Friends,

Wish to share one of our customer, his HiFi system has upgraded with Calyx Femto DAC, Aurender S10 Music Server, Telos Platinum Ref XLR interconnect , Gold Ref MK2 power cords and Oyaide Continental 5S USB Cable.

He was so happy and proud on this latest upgrade !


A Very Happy man system !

So Cool So Lovely !

Aurender S10 and Calyx Femto DAC with smart look !

Newly installed Telos Platinum Ref XLR interconnect, Telos Gold Ref MK2 power cords (Calyx Femto and Plinius Amp) and Oyaide Continental 5S USB cable

The latest Telos Gold Ref Mk2 Power Cord feeding to Plinius Amplifier.

The Very Happy man, Jerry with Jeff from Telos Audio Design. We have a lot of fun and sharing on music, and Jerry is very happy with Telos Audio cables. And Thanks Jeff, Jerry on their time !

Friday, August 24, 2012

Calyx Femto DAC review from 6moons is coming soon !

Dear Friends,

Are you talking good on JPlay….

The 6moons reviewer, Paul Candy was using Calyx latest Femto DAC during his write up on JPlay ! 
 "Also used during this review was Calyx Audio’s excellent new statement Femto DAC which I’ll write about next."

And Calyx Femto DAC review will be appearing on 6moons soon !

Link :


Monday, August 13, 2012

Aurelia Cerica has arrived !

Hi Friends,

Aurelia top range series - Cerica has arrived @ Audio Basic

Please feel free to drop by for audition.

Cerica is equipped with "Presence setting" which able to set the high frequency respond to match with your system setup.


Monday, August 6, 2012

Madison Audio Labs Cable

Dear Friends,

We are stocking on Madison Audio Labs Cables.

Please feel free to drop by for audition.

Latest reviews on Madison Audio Labs from :-

E3 Extreme 1 Interconnect with SGP Star Ground Pod™


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dear Friends,

Aurender S-10 Music Server wins Soundatge Reviewers' Choice !

You can read the review @ link to Soundstage review on Aurender S-10

Please feel free to drop by for audition on Aurender S-10 pairing with the highly recommended Calyx Femto DAC.


Monday, July 16, 2012

New Arrival : Latest Oyaide IEM/Headphone accessories !

Dear Friends,

A few new IEM / Headpones accessories from Oyaide.

HPC-35J, HPC-62J - Oyaide IEM/Headphone extension cables using PCOCC-A cable and Silver/Rhodium plugs

HPC-SE - Oyaide PC-OCCA IEM Cable for Shure SE215・SE315・SE425・SE535・SE535 Special Edition(SE535LTD)

HPC-UE - Oyaide PC-OCCA IEM Cable for Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 (Pro),Super.Fi5 Pro,Super.Fi 3 Studio
M-AUDIO IE-40,IE-30,IE-20 XB,IE-10


Telos Audio Gold Reference MKII Power Cord has arrived !

Dear Friends,

Telos Audio has launched Gold Reference MK II. 

This a totally new cable design used for this new series and new materials were implemented for the cable dielectric and conductors too.

Power cord was the first to come and please feel free for audition.


Telos Gold Ref MkII Power Cord

Friday, July 13, 2012

Dear Friends,

Wish to share another wonderful write up on Calyx Femto DAC.

Quoted from the review :" .. Femto allowed me to rediscover my music collection. Simply put, the Femto makes rescordings sound real and lifelike. The immediately emotional response is not about the usual hi-fi superlatives, but more the feeling of being at the recording venue, immersed in the music."

".. Femto would bring such a substantial improvement to my system. I would generally be hesitant to describe a product of this price as a bargain, but the Femto truly is one."

Link to the review :

Calyx Femto DAC


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Music is for Sharing.

Dear Friends

Hi-Fi is about Music. Music is for Sharing. 音響. 音樂 .分享.

Thanks Chen Li.