Thursday, September 30, 2010

Zonotone 7NAC-Grandio 07 interconnect reviewed by Leo Yeh from

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Below link is the review by Leo Yeh from on our Zonotone 7NAC-Grandio 07 interconnect. He himself bought it as his reference as well!

=>> Link to this review (Sorry , review in Chinese)

Monday, September 27, 2010

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We are offering Bundle promotions on Burson products.
HA-160 Headphones amplifier with HA-160 Audio Buffer @ $1680 only!.

Friday, September 17, 2010

B.M.C Audio product is here !

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B.M.C Audio product is here ! Meanwhile we are demostrating their CD player and DAC. Beautiful built with lovely sounding. More information on B.M.C Audio website.

Please feel free to drop by listen to this great gems !

B.M.C  CD Player


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Latest! Zonotone USB Cable finally arrived

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Long waiting , Zonotone USB Cable has arrived. This cable received very good reviewed from end-users in many audiophile forums and it's Cost/Performance is very high.

Drop by listen with our latest KingRex UD01 PRO USB DAC as well as some others USB DACs.

The Zonotone 'BLUE' 

iMac connected

with KingRex

Cheers !

KingRex UD01 Pro USB DAC is here !

Hi Friends,

The latest products from KingRex, UD01 PRO USB DAC has arrived. It's highly review and please feel free drop by listen with latest USB Cable from Zonotone !

KingRex UD01 Pro's sexy logo


Friday, September 3, 2010

NEW! Zonotone 6NSP-6600S Meister has arrived

Hi Friends,

Long awaiting Zonotone 6NSP-6600S Meister speaker cables has finally arrived @ Audio Basic! This 6NSP-6600S has received very positive review from Japan and Hong Kong magazine !!

1) Zonotone 6NSP-6600S Meister (List price $150/m)

As well as this :-
2) Zonotone 6NSP-4400 Meister (List price $70/m)

3) Zonotone 6NSP-2200 Meister (List price $35/m)

4) Zonotone SP-220 Meister (List price $10/m)


寂寞良伴 [loneliness' best friend, 2v1g]

This ablum is getting very well known. Great effort from 2v1g team and the producer, Leslie Loh.

寂寞良伴 [loneliness' best friend, 2v1g]:

 "great review on 2v1g's album from taiwan premier hifi website, u-audio..."

Please visit poppopmusic blogspot

pop pop music: 寂寞良伴 [loneliness' best friend, 2v1g]

pop pop music: 寂寞良伴 [loneliness' best friend, 2v1g]: "great review on 2v1g's album from taiwan premier hifi website, u-audio..."