Friday, September 9, 2016

Stylus and Record Brushes from Levin Design, Solingen

Dear Friends,

Yours valuable records collection and cartridges demand the best brushes to keep them clean and most importantly prevent any damages.

 We here introduce the full ranges of Record and Stylus Brushes from Levin Design, Solingen. These handmade brushes use the best in natural materials and handmade in Germany. Goat or Horse Hair are a cooperative effort between Levin Designs and a traditional brushmaker located in the restored Schloss Burg (palace castle) located in Solingen, Germany.

This brushes are fully anti-static by using natural hair. Levin design has designed a record cleaning brush after a long product study. The handle of the brush is handmade of a combination of different wood (bog oak, root wood or karelian Birch Maser), aluminium panel and goat hair or horse hair. The record cleaning brushes are produced by traditional Brush Manufacturer methods, that means the natural hair pull in by hand.

All brushes are anti-static and have a linear dimension approximately 16cm for the record brushes. 

Levin Record Brush with Karelian Maser Birch Wood finish. 

Stylus Brush with Tuja Wood Finish. 

Classic POM Record Brush - $110 (Dry / Wet type)
Pear Wood Record Brush - $145 (Dry)
Karelian Maser Birch Wood Record Brush - $205 (Dry)
Tuja Wood Record Brush - $225 (Dry)

Classic POM Stylus Brush - $70
Pear Wood Stylus Brush - $85
Karelian Maser Birch Wood Stylus Brush - $105
Tuja Wood Stylus Brush - $125

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

JELCO Tonearms from Japan has arrived !

Dear Friends,

JELCO Tonearms which made in Japan has arrived @ Audio Basic.

We have brought in the famous and well knows 750D, 750DB (9") and 750E (10") Jelco manufacture high quality and precision tonearms, cables, connectors and accessories, as well as custom O.E.M. products.


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Hana Cartridge from Japan has arrived.

Dear Friends,

Hana Cartridge from Japan has arrived @ Audio Basic.

Introducing a new line from Japan, 華 (or hana, which means “brilliant and gorgeous” in the original Japanese). HANA Phono Cartridges use high rigidity aluminum cantilevers, and cross-shaped armatures, providing you with brilliant and gorgeous sound.  Hana “SH” and “SL” use nude natural diamond Shibata-stylus, capable of excellent high frequency response, giving you supreme transparency and excellent trackability.  Hana cartridges are produced by Excel Sound Corporation of Tokyo Japan, a long time OEM cartridge producer for 40 years.

Our first impression on Hana Cartridge is very musical, great vocal, good dynamic range and quiet.

HiFi World issue Feb 2016 has reviewed on Hana EL and EH.
Quoted from the review HANA EL is being rated as 5 Stars :-
OUTSTANDING- amongst the best.
VALUE - keenly priced.
VERDICT- A wholly tolerant cartridge that is smooth and engaging
FOR - musical engagement, romantic mids, bass, value for monty
AGAINST - nothing at the price

EH and SH is 2mV output which could connected directly to MM phone stage. SH and SL is 0.5mV Output which is easily to drive.

EH and EL model is $500 each.
SH and SL model is $900 each.