Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Looking for better support on Oyaide distributor ?

Hi Friends,

Discovered another application on using Oyaide INS-BS Base Insulator.

We applied them underneath our Oyaide MTB distributor. Sound as good as it's look !

Cheers !

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Usher Dancer Diamond

Hi Friends,

After some wait, the Usher Dancer Diamond Series Speaker finally has arrived!

The Latest Diamond Tweeter had installed on our showroom BE-718. Even haven't run in, initial impression is awesome ! The pain of the waiting process is rewarded !

Please feel free and drop listen to it..

See you soon..

the Diamond

the 'Diamond-ed' BE-718

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dr. DAC2 DX reviewed on

Hi Friends,

Many Thanks to Mike from, reviewed on AudioTrak Dr. DAC 2 DX on his lovely We had great chat during his visit to Singapore. Mike really a great and warm guy to chat with!

"...ultimately the fuller midrange of the DAC2 DX will be prefferable for music listening.." Quoted from

Review can be read here Dr. DAC 2 DX review

Picture is from

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

TAOC New Shipment has arrived

Hi Friends,

TAOC New Shipment has finally arrived !

Below listed is just only some of re-stock hot items and there is still many others.

1) SCB-RS50G Platform
2) SCB-RS65G Platform
3) SCB-RS35G  Platform
4) TITE-25GP Footers
5) TITE- 45GP Footers
6) TITE-35S Super Insulator Footer
7) TITE-25MF Hybrid Footer
8) PTS-G Carbon Cast-Iron Spike Base
9) TITE-13GS Stabilizer
10) RS-500 Platform Footers
11) ASR-3S Equipment Rack


Monday, May 10, 2010

Hi Friends,

Been to Resort World Sentosa on Mother's Day 2010.  Didn't enter into casino and US. But the wonderful Street performers, RamenPlay and Coffee Bean have made our trip a Awesome one !

Cheers ! 

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Hi Friends,

We are closed on 9/5/2010 for Mother's Day celebration :)

May I borrwow this page to wish all mothers has a Great, Winderful and Happy Mother's Day.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Reminder : Coming 9 May is Mother's Day

Hi Friends,

No doubt, most of us always tie with busy schedules. Just not to forget this coming Sunday, 9 May is our Mother's Day. Go and give her a Big Hug..

U-Audio Reviews on Oyaide's Neo HD-PSW 1.3a HDMI

Hi Friends,

Wish to share a very positive from U-Audio on Oyaide's NEO HD-PSW 1.3a Silver HDMI cables. Please read on HD-PSW 1.3a Review from

Sorry for that the review was in Chinese only. You guys may use google language to translate it.

Oyaide New Items and New Shipment has Arrived!

Hi Friends,

Oyaide New Shipment has arrived. Please check out the list below (too many of them to illustrated in detail. Sorry)
Please Visit Oyaide English Website

Vibration Control:-
1) INS-CF  - Carbon with Texarium Vibration Insulator
2) INS-BS - Mulit Use Base Insulator
3) INS-SP - Spike Base

Power Accessories:- 

1) MTB-4 R1 Power Distributor
2) MTB-6 R1 Power Distributor
3) Tunami GPX-R Power Cord
4) Tunami Tunami Power Cable (Loose form) - Finally is here..Awaiting by many customers!

Analog Cables:-
1) TUNAMI TERZO XX - XLR Interconnect Cables
2) TUNAMI TERZO RR - RCA Interconnect Cables

Digital Accessories:-
1) DR-510 0.7m/1.3m 5N Silver Digital Interconnect (RCA-RCA)
2) DB-510 0.7m/1.3m 5N Silver Digital Interconnect (BNC-BNC)

1) HD-PSW 1.3a High Speed HDMI Silver Cable (1.8m and 3m)
2) DV-510F 5N Silver TV Antenna Cable

Headphones/Earphones Accessories:-
1) HPC-35R 3.5mm Plug to RCA connector Cable (1.3m)
2) HPC-35 3.5mm Plug to 3.5mm Plug Cable (1.3m)
3) HPC-LS 3.5mm Plug to L-Shape 3.5mm (0.15m)
4) P-3.5SR 3.5mm Plug

1) FPS-9 - Ftype TV antenna connectors
2) Genesis - Platinum + Rhodium plated connector RCA connectors (NEW!)

Cables for Modification and DIY:-
1) 1430-22 #22AWG PCOCC-A Internal Cable
2) FTVS-510 5N Silver Coaxial Cables
3) Tunami Power Cable

Cheers !