Wednesday, April 24, 2013

TRIGON Reference line EPILOG has arrived !

Dear Friends,

TRIGON from Germany latest Reference line, EPILOG Integrated Amplifier has arrived @ Audio Basic.

EPILOG delivered 200Wpc@8 ohms and its a Dual Mono amplification design started from with two transformers in the power supply stage. EPILOG is not cost down design as what others do, they put the latest modular pre-amp stage (as found in their reference line pre-amp DIALOG) in this EPILOG.

Nevertheless, not to forgot the 100% Germany fine craftsmanship found on this amlipfier, even on hidden corners and underneath !

The EPILOG's performance out of the box is awesome ! Power with Musicality . Many of our customers was amazed with the performance so much ! Please feel free to drop by for an audition.


Friday, April 19, 2013

Stereotimes reviewed on Telos Platinum Ref cables

Dear Friends

Clement Perry from Stereotimes reviewed on Telos Platinum Ref cables.

"..That I think they're better than most cables I've heard at two to three times the price speaks volumes. Highly recommended! "

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Classical Music Lover

Dear Friends,

Wish to share some pictures on a customer setup. He is a classical music lover which can see from his awesome CDs collection and system setup !

This is just one portion of his collection !

Opera ... My favorites too

Telos Audio Alpha Wave and the owner said "It's a must !"

Calyx Femto DAC in black. Carefully protection :)

RD-3 CD demagnetizer. Amplification for his Surround speaker

TAOC platform for the floorstanders

Awesome System with lovely sound !