Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Telos Audio - QNR 4th Shipment has arrived !

Dear Friends,

Latest product from Telos Audio, the Quantum Noise Resonator has arrived. First shipment was totally sold out within two day before we have time to post this online and the Second and Third shipment was sold out very fast too.

Our 4th shipment has just arrived and is started selling fast !

All customer was amazed and 'wow' with the performance !

This device is actively monitoring your incoming A/C line (noise, surges, spikes, interference). It connect parallel to your A/C line circuit (wall, distributor) thus no suffer in current limitation at all.

We are rushing in for the new shipment and might be in next week ! We are giving promotion for only $890! [i](Currently Promotion in Taiwan is S$950)[/i]

What improvement it can bring ? Please come and visit us for an audition at our new showroom @ #04-27 The Adelphi.


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