Thursday, November 4, 2010

Calyx has finally arrived !

Hi Friends,

Calyx DAC 24/192 and KONG has finally reach us. Once you open the packaging, you could feel they are great product with wonderful workmanship ....Should I said they are "Built with pride"!!

Please feel free to drop by and listen !

Calyx DAC 24/192

Calyx KONG USB Headphone Amp

Cheers !


Unknown said...

I noticed you have a Mac keyboard in the photo with the Calyx Kong. Can you use the volume controls on your keyboard to control the volume of the Calyx Kong? How about the Mac OS X volume menulet?

Unknown said...

I didn't make my question clear in my previous post. Here's a better way to ask it: Are the Mac's system volume and the Calyx Kong's volume the same thing, or are they independent? Does pressing the volume buttons on the Calyx Kong adjust the Mac's system volume?