Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New Products - Calyx Coming Soon !

Dear Friends,

New products coming soon ! We are bringing in a new brand - Calyx from Korea.

Their latest product on the block is this Calyx DAC 24/192. It's has the following features:
- Full speed of USB 2.0- 24/192 capable via USB
- Asynchronous USB Mode
- Two different word clock generators for 44.1/88.2/176.4kHz family and 48/96/192 kHz family, each with very low jitter
- 8 DACs/channel used and 32bit/400KHz capable
- Clean Power Generator Inside
- Can be operated USB power only
- One Extra Coaxial Input (Coaxial)
- State-Of-The-Art Aluminum Mono-Coque Design
- Two sets of analog output: 1 RCAs, 1 XLRs
- Extremely low THD and SNR: 0.0005% and 120dB, measured by Audio Precision
- Dimension: 220(w) x 220(d) X 45(h)mm, 4.4kg(9lbs)

Calyx DAC 24/192 

Another interesting product from Calyx is this below KONG USB DAC Headphone Amp.

KONG USB DAC Headphone Amp

Stay tuned for the actual arrival of this exciting products !

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