Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Aurender N100 Network Music Streamer

Dear Friends,

 The latest N100 Network Music Streamer has arrived @ Audio Basic.

 The Aurender N100 digital music player supports DSD (DSF, DFF), WAV, FLAC, ALAC, APE, AIFF, M4A  nd other major formats at native bit and sampling rates. Equipped with a high performance USB digital audio output, Ethernet port,  120GB solid-state drive for cached playback, the N100 is the ideal solution for playing high resolution digital music collections from NAS and external USB HDD.

 [i]Network streaming with Solid-State Drive Cache for Playback :-[/i] If a selected song or album is already cached to the solid-state drive, N100 will play from the internal SSD. This minimizes wear and tear on the NAS drive. Also, by caching songs to the solid-state drive for playback, it eliminates music quality degradation or even drop outs of music due to non-optimal network connection from the NAS to the streamer.

 [i]Dedicated USB Audio Class 2.0 Output with Noise Free Power Circuitry :-[/i] The dedicated USB Audio Class 2.0 output is designed to deliver an exceptionally transparent audio signal free of noise and is shielded from outside electronic interference.

 [i]Full Linear Power Supply :-[/i] A full linear power supply provides clean and stable power to the CPU circuit and audio output circuit.

 [i]Remote Internet Technical Support :-[/i] Sending a Remote Support Request using the Aurender Conductor App allows engineers to quickly diagnose and fix problems over the Internet, should they occur.

Fixed Price $3600 ( cash and carry)


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