Thursday, March 12, 2015

Soulines Kubrick Turntables from Serbia

Dear Friends,

Soulines Turntables has arrived in our showroom and meanwhile we have just setup the top of the lines, Kubrick Turntable. They are 100% beautifully Hand Made in Serbia with wonderful craftsmanship.

We are very happy to discover this wonderful products which design and built by a turntable designer equipped with both "technical and music know-how" and bring them to our customer here who is looking or searching for a very high cost-performance turntables.

Mr Igor Gligorov, the founder of Soulines. He not only as a turntable designer, he is a musician (trained cello, self-taught guitar/bass guitar) , a music producer and a mechanical engineer.

List Price : $5800 (without tonearm)


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